SBT-Eclipse Integration

Yay, we finally have got a really good Eclipse plugin for Scala. Thanks to all the contributors for their great work (as a former Eclipse committer I know that it was hard work). But as lots of Scala projects use SBT as their build tool, a new need is arising, the need for an integration of SBT and Eclipse. For the last one and a half years or so I have been using SBT and IntelliJ IDEA, because the Scala plugin for IDEA is awesome and, most important, there is a really good SBT-IDEA integration. It is provided by the sbt-idea project which I take as an inspiring example for what I would like to achieve for SBT-Eclipse integration.

Therefore I started the sbteclipse project which aims at providing the same features as sbt-idea, i.e. the ability to create Eclipse project files (.project and .classpath) from an SBT project. As SBT will soon be on version 0.9 which differs a great lot from version 0.7 from a plugin developer’s perspective, I decided to develop sbteclipse as a plugin for SBT 0.9.

While there is still a very long way to go, I just released the very first version 0.1 of sbteclipse to the Typesafe repository which means that you can use it easily. Right now it will only create a single project with its source- and class-directories. Libraries and multi-module projects are not yet supported. And of course you will have to build SBT 0.9 on your own, because there are no binaries yet.

If you are interested, please take a look at the “Usage” section of the sbteclipse README. I would be glad to get your feedback, of course. Have fun!

SBT-Eclipse Integration